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S. Korean Puppet Military Authorities' Moves to Grab Land under Fire
Pyongyang, May 14 (KCNA) -- The Joint Measure Committee of Civic and Public Organizations for Checking the Expansion of Mugon-ri Drill Ground and the Inhabitants' Measure Committee against the Expansion of Mugon-ri Drill Ground in south Korea held a meeting in Seoul on May 7 to denounce the military authorities' unilateral action to grab land.

The participants in the meeting accused the "Defense Ministry" of submitting an "application" for requisitioning about 300,000 phyongs (one phyong equals 3.954 square yards) of land in the area of Ohyon-ri, Phaju City of Kyonggi Province to be used for the expansion of the Mugon-ri drill ground to the "Central Land Expropriation Committee" despite the opposition of the inhabitants there.

They slammed the military authorities for mulling grabbing land by invoking all sorts of evil laws under the signboard of "work for public interests."

They demanded the "Defense Ministry" stop at once the moves to expand the Mugon-ri drill ground.

They staged a sit-in strike for more than five hours to thrust a written protest to the puppet minister of Defense.

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