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DPRK's Efforts for Peace in Korean Peninsula Reiterated
Pyongyang, October 18 (KCNA) -- The DPRK will in the future, too, make every possible effort to ensure peace and security in Asian region including the Korean Peninsula. A delegate of the DPRK said this at the meeting of the First Committee of the 64th UN General Assembly held on October 12.

He noted that the DPRK demands total and comprehensive elimination of nuclear weapons in the world.

When the states with the largest nuclear arsenals take the lead in nuclear disarmament, it will positively influence the newly emerged nuclear weapons states in various parts of the world and also contribute to total elimination of nuclear weapons on this globe, he noted.

He drew the attendants' attention to the questions as to when and by whom nuclear weapons were deployed for the first time on the Korean Peninsula, who is blackmailing with nukes and what kind of role is the NPT playing as regards the above-mentioned nuclear weapons states and what is the real nature of the nuclear issue on the Korean Peninsula.

The speaker went on:

If the Korean Peninsula is to be denuclearized, the U.S. should terminate its nuclear threat to the DPRK and definitely roll back its hostile policy toward the latter.

Replacing the Korean Armistice Agreement with a peace arrangement is essential for peace and the reunification of the Korean Peninsula and peace and security in Northeast Asia and the rest of the world.

The role of disarmament machinery is increasingly important in the international efforts for world peace and security. In particular, the First Committee should enhance its role in nuclear disarmament as an organ dealing with disarmament issues. This should find its expression in disarmament issues first of all.

The DPRK, as a member state of the UN Disarmament Conference in Geneva, the unique disarmament negotiating body in the UN, recognizes that it is the most useful one to promote the global disarmament.

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