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Japan Urged to Settle Its Past Crimes
Pyongyang, October 18 (KCNA) -- Japan is seeking to evade the settlement of the war crimes committed by it in the past, feigning ignorance of them and turning its face from those crimes. These crimes will never be tolerated by the world as they are criminal acts of mocking at the justice and human conscience and challenging history. Rodong Sinmun Sunday says this in a signed article.

It goes on:

The Japanese reactionaries are so deeply steeped in the militarist way of thinking that they hesitate to make a proper assessment of the past war crimes even today when more than six decades have passed since their defeat in the war and are not ready to turn over a new leaf in history.

They have not paid any reparation to the Korean people who suffered the greatest loss at the hands of the Japanese imperialists in the past and harbor bitterness toward Japan. Worse still, they are raising irrelevant issues in a foolish bid to gloss over the crimes Japan committed against Korea by invading it.

The DPRK-Japan relations of hostility will never be thawed but deteriorate if Japan continues denying its past aggression of Korea and distorting its history and evading reparation for its crimes.

Japan should honestly admit its past crimes and opt for settling them both in the light of the gravity of the crimes and human sense of obligation.

It is quite evident that the longer Japan, which claims to be an economic power, has its inglorious past unsettled, the further its image will be tarnished and the more bitterly it will be censured in the international arena.

Japan is sadly mistaken if it calculates the past crimes committed by it against the Korean people will be played down or written off with the passage of time.

Japan would be well advised to settle all its wrongs done in the last century from a proper stand and attitude toward the past war crimes and make a new appearance before the world. This is not something to be done by Japan for others but its historic responsibility it should fulfill for its own sake.

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