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Kim Jong Il Authors Many Works on Socialist Construction
Pyongyang, October 31 (KCNA) -- General Secretary Kim Jong Il authored a lot of works over the past 15 years since he made public the work "Socialism Is a Science", giving overall answers to all the issues arising in accomplishing socialism of Juche.

In the works including "Songun Revolutionary Line Is a Great Revolutionary Line of Our Era and an Ever-Victorious Banner for Our Revolution" and "Songun Politics of Our Party Is an Effective Socialist Political Mode" Kim Jong Il clarified the revolutionary character and validity of the Songun politics, historical background against which the Songun political mode was created and its roots, principled matters in applying it and set forth the tasks and ways for advancing the Juche-oriented cause of socialism on a new higher stage under the banner of Songun.

He also authored many works in which he taught that it is the truth proved by history that socialism is sure to win when ideology is held fast to and it is bound to go to ruin when ideology is neglected and it is necessary to give play to the mental power of the people in order to dynamically advance socialism.

In such works as "Let Us Thoroughly Implement the Line of Economic Construction in the Era of Songun Laid Down by the Party" and "On Achieving Decisive Progress in Building a Thriving Socialist Nation" he clarified that the army and people building a thriving socialist nation amid the acute political and military stand-off with the imperialists should channel primary efforts into increasing the national defence capability.

In various other works he said it is one of the most important strategic policies maintained by the Workers' Party of Korea in building a thriving socialist nation to attach importance to science and technology and set forth the tasks and ways for putting the national economy on the level of the 21st century by introducing ultra-modern science and technology to all fields and units as required by the IT age.

Among his works are "The Workers' Party of Korea Is the Party of the Great Leader Comrade
Kim Il Sung" and "The Democratic People's Republic of Korea Is a Socialist State of Juche with Invincible Might" which call for further strengthening and developing Korean-style socialism centered on the popular masses by enhancing the militant function and role of the party and the state.

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