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Koreans Called upon to Preserve National Character
Pyongyang, October 31 (KCNA) -- The national character peculiar to the Korean nation and patriotism and the spirit of national independence stemming from it serve as an important basis for achieving national unity and the country's reunification. Rodong Sinmun Saturday says this in a signed article.

It goes on:

The Koreans who have lived in one and the same territory as a homogenous nation since the olden times are a proud nation not only in terms of its long history but in the development of its culture.

The Koreans are very proud of their tradition in which they have never yielded to the foreign invasion.

The dignity and spirit of the Koreans as an independent nation have been highly exalted thanks to General Secretary Kim Jong Il, peerlessly great man and outstanding illustrious commander of Songun.

Only when all the Koreans fully display patriotism with pride and self-confidence that the Korean nation is the best in the world is it possible to achieve the great unity of the nation and the cause of national reunification.

The Koreans are required to force the foreign forces out of south Korea and achieve the historic cause of national reunification by their concerted efforts. It presents itself as a more important task than ever before for them to deeply cherish the Korean nation-first spirit, preserve the history and culture peculiar to them and positively keep alive the patriotic tradition of not yielding to foreign aggressor forces.

The national character serves as a basis of national unity and the great national unity is prerequisite to accomplishing the cause of national reunification.

All Koreans at home and abroad should preserve and add shine to the brilliant history and culture and tradition of the Korean nation and thus firmly protect the national character and wage on this basis a more dynamic struggle for national reunification with the might of the national unity.

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