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Japanese Reactionaries' Scheme for Revival of Militarism Censured
Pyongyang, November 1 (KCNA) -- Shortly ago, nearly 54 lawmakers of Japan flocked to the "Yasukuni shrine", stirring up militarism.

Among them were former Prime Minister Aso, President of the Liberal-Democratic Party Tanigaki and Chairman of the Society of LDP Members of the House of Councilors Otsuji who is secretary of the super-partisan Association of Dietmen for Visiting "Yasukuni Shrine".

In this regard, Minju Joson today says in a signed commentary:

Such reckless behavior of the Japanese ultra-right conservative forces, including riffraffs of the LDP, is a very dangerous criminal action fraught with the scheme for militarism and overseas aggression.

Far from drawing due lesson from the fact that the LDP was reduced to an opposition party after being sternly punished by the people for its corrupt policy, militarist policy, its gangs and other ultra-right elements have set out on the road for revival of militarism again in an attempt to turn the whole of Japan into a militarist war state for overseas aggression.

Visit to the "Yasukuni shrine" is not a mere rite peculiar to Japan. Praying at the shrine while burning incense and with hands clasped is as good as an act of resolving to build the "great Japanese empire" without fail, cherishing the will of the predecessors who fell in the madcap militarist overseas aggression, and even risk a war if necessary.

That is why the Asian people are sharply reacting to the visits to the shrine by the Japanese reactionaries.

The Japanese reactionaries seek, through the visit to the "Yasukuni shrine", to justify Japan's history of aggression and imbue its people with the militarist idea, but such scheme will bring nothing but disgraceful destruction to them.

Militarism is no more than dead soul that has already been thrown into the dustbin of history with its stern punishment. It is futile to recall the dead soul.

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