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Kim Jong Il Inspects Cooperative Farm
Pyongyang, November 1 (KCNA) -- General Secretary Kim Jong Il provided field guidance to the Unhung Cooperative Farm in Thaechon County.

He looked at varieties of crops produced by the farm and acquainted himself in detail with the farming this year.

He expressed great satisfaction over the fact that officials, farmers and technicians of the farm effectively did all farm work and successfully conducted double cropping, prompted by their ardent patriotic desire to contribute to building a thriving nation, thus bringing about the richest harvest ever known.

He said that the shining success made by the farm this year proved in practice that only when a tenacious drive is waged to increase the fertility of soil and the WPK's policy of green revolution is thoroughly implemented is it possible to make leaping progress in the agricultural production in every place.

It is something admirable, indeed, that the officials and other working people of the farm have successfully carried out a vast construction project by themselves while systematically boosting the agricultural production by displaying patriotic devotion, he noted, highly appreciating their feats and extending thanks to them. He gave the farm newly made tractors as gifts in recognition of their feats.

Saying that it is one of the most important tasks for opening the gate to a thriving nation to increase the agricultural production, he indicated important tasks facing the field of agriculture.

The main task to be fulfilled to settle the rural question at present is to continue to thoroughly implement the party's policy of agricultural revolution, he stressed, and went on:

The thorough implementation of the party's policy of agricultural revolution provides a fundamental guarantee for bringing about an epochal turn in the agricultural production. What is important for this is to distribute crops and strains on the principle of sowing the right crop on the right soil and at the right time and put manuring and cultivation on a scientific and technological basis.

He underscored the need to boldly improve the structure of the nation's agricultural production, to begin with, on the principle of sowing the right crop to the right soil as required by the country's natural and climatic conditions and distribute crops and species best suited to the topographical features and soil conditions of each locality and farm.

Noting that doing well double cropping is a great reserve for boosting the grain produce in the country where the area of cultivated land is limited, he called for developing the double cropping in a big way.

In order to do double cropping well it is necessary to properly organize manpower and actively mechanize the farm work for the purpose of solving the acute shortage of manpower and successfully carry out all farm work in good season.

Without making the green revolution is it impossible to abide by the principle of sowing the right crop to the right soil and in the right season and develop double cropping, he noted, underlining the need for the field of agriculture to establish Juche in cultivating seeds and channel great efforts into obtaining varieties of superior strains suited to the nation's climatic and natural features including high-yielding strains that grow fast and stand cold while requiring less fertilizers.

He said that the most important issue arising in implementing the party's policy of agricultural revolution is to positively develop the agro-science and technology.

In order to implement the policy of agricultural revolution it is necessary to strengthen the assistance to the countryside and improve the state supply to it and, at the same time, strengthen the guidance to the rural economy and its management.

He expressed great expectation and conviction that the farm would play a vanguard role in implementing the party's policy of agriculture-first policy in the future, too.

He was accompanied by Kim Phyong Hae, chief secretary of the North Phyongan Provincial Committee of the WPK, and Secretary Kim Ki Nam and Department Directors Pak Nam Gi and Jang Song Thaek of the WPK Central Committee.

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