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Padded Clothes Associated with Warm Love for Peasants
Pyongyang, November 3 (KCNA) -- General Secretary Kim Jong Il visited an exhibition hall to look samples of padded clothes for peasants in September Juche 68 (1979).

A meeting of the Political Committee of the Central Committee of the Workers' Party of Korea (then), which was held in the presence of President Kim Il Sung some days before, discussed and decided an issue of providing agricultural working people throughout the country with padded clothes free of charge on the occasion of the new year.

Kim Jong Il already assigned officials concerned to a task to make samples of padded clothes beforehand, indicating them the way of finishing its production in time while ensuring its quality. That day he went out to the hall to see the samples.

At the exhibition hall, he asked officials whether they had consulted with peasants about the types of the clothes.

At the moment, they were dumbfounded because they designed them without discussion.

He said to the following effect: As for the cloth, the young and old men demand different kinds of cloth. They will therefore demand different types of clothes. You should fix the types of dresses in accordance with the opinion of the peasants.

And he added that as the peasants demanded thick padded clothes, more cotton should be padded.

Saying that as they always worked outside, they would feel draught through sleeves, he emphasized that windbreak sleeves should be attached to the clothes.

Under his warm care, the agricultural working people were provided with padded clothes suiting to their tastes on the occasion of the new year 1980.

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