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Juche-oriented Musical Art in New Heyday
Pyongyang, November 9 (KCNA) -- The Juche-oriented musical art of the DPRK is greeting a new heyday.

The whole country is seething with exuberant songs sung by the entire army and people, revolutionary songs of calling for defending the leader at the cost of very life and for building a great, prosperous and powerful nation.

In recent years the musical art of the country has been enriched with the creation of many monumental masterpieces adding luster to the Songun era. Among them are "Song of Loyalty", a people's hymn, the song "The Snow Is Falling" drawing people into symphonic musical world and the songs "The Glow over Kangson" and "Motherland, Prosper".

The masterpieces fully meeting the requirements of the era in content and form fully prove the correctness and vitality of the Juche-oriented literary and art idea of the Workers' Party of Korea on developing the musical art as the revolutionary and popular one which is loved by the people, reflects their aspiration and is faithful to the requirements of the times, both in name and reality.

Talented singers, prominent creators and performers have made their appearance and distinguished art troupes such as the Unhasu Orchestra and the Samjiyon Band have been organized. And the choral art and symphony representing the level of the nation's musical art are developing rapidly.

All this strikingly demonstrates the inexhaustible potentiality of Juche-oriented musical art flowering century after century.

The Juche-oriented musical art, which had shaken the human history of art with opera revolution in the 20th century, will develop onto a higher plane in the 21st century, too, startling the world art circle.

Indeed, the eye-opening development of the Juche-oriented musical art is the fruit of the outstanding and energetic leadership of General Secretary Kim Jong Il who is ushering in a bright future of the art.

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