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Story of Bombs and Harmonicon
Pyongyang, November 9 (KCNA) -- On a spring day of Juche 23 (1934) during the anti-Japanese armed struggle, President Kim Il Sung instructed logistical personnel that some necessary materials should be sent to weapons repair works.

While acquainting himself with the preparation a few days after, he asked them why harmonicon and gloves were not included.

They couldn't answer because they were not far-sighted enough to think of them.

He admonished the logistical personnel to the following effect: The men at the weapon repair works are working hard in secret in remote forests. They are repairing weapons and making bombs in difficult conditions not inferior to the armed struggle. We should send harmonicon and gloves to the hard-working men so that they would not live a lonely life in an isolated place and would not get their hands hurt.

And he gave the harmonicon he had kept to a messenger of the headquarters to be dispatched to the works.

The members of the works, who raised cheers over the glittering harmonicon, were moved to tears by the story about it.

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