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Moran Hill, Beauty Spot of Pyongyang
Pyongyang, November 10 (KCNA) -- Moran Hill, scenic spot of Pyongyang, consists of several rounded peaks along the ridges stretching to the north, south and west with Choesungdae, the highest peak, as its center.

It has small valleys including Kyongsang and Hungbu valleys. There is on its eastern side bluff Chongryu cliff along which the clean River Taedong is meandering.

Curious and consonant lay of the land, thick foliage, beautiful flowers blooming according to seasons and waterfalls add beauty to Moran Hill.

More than 180 kinds of plants grow, oriole, owl, squirrel and other animals inhabit the hill and over 70 kinds of birds fly into the hill every year.

Spring scenery around the Ulmil Pavilion and welcoming the moon from the Pubyok Pavilion has been called one of the eight famous views of Pyongyang from long ago.

Inner and outer walls, Ulmil Pavilion, Choesung Pavilion, Chilsong Gate, Chongryu Pavilion, Pubyok Pavilion and other historical relics belonging to Koguryo, Sungri Pavilion, Phyonghwa Pavilion, Ondal Pavilion and wrestling, swinging and seesawing sites in different places blend well with the beautiful natural scenery of the hill.

The Kaeson Youth Park furnished with various amusement facilities, the open-air theatre of the Youth Park and other service facilities are found in the hill.

The Kono Valley is a historical place where President Kim Il Sung made a historic speech on his triumphal return.

Moran Hill which has been arranged well as a resort for the cultural rest of the people and a place for the education of the people in socialist patriotism is always crowded with people enjoying their holidays.

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