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Guideline on Future of Korean Revolutionaries
Pyongyang, November 10 (KCNA) -- November 10 marks the 72nd anniversary of the publication of the famous work "The Tasks of Korean Communists" by President Kim Il Sung.

Complex and acute was the internal and external situation of the country in Juche 26 (1937).

Having provoked the Sino-Japanese war, the Japanese imperialists occupied several areas of China to broaden fronts and, on the other hand, intensified with frenzy the suppression of the Korean people and the "punitive" offensive against the Korean People's Revolutionary Army.

With a scientific penetration into the requirements of the prevailing situation and the developing revolution, the President wrote the work to make public in Sogwang, the organ of the KPRA, while launching harassment operations in the broad enemy-controlled areas by leading its main unit.

He in the work embraced in a comprehensive way the Juche-oriented line and policy on the Korean revolution, which had been put forward in the historic Kalun Meeting and the correctness of which had been proved in the course of the anti-Japanese revolutionary struggle for several years.

He set forth the immediate tasks to be carried out by the Korean communists for carrying out the Korean revolution with credit. To begin with, Korean communists must broaden and step up the anti-Japanese armed struggle and lead it to victory, thus splendidly accomplishing the sacred task of regaining the country; they should more vigorously organize and conduct the anti-Japanese national united front movement and unite closely a wider segment of the anti-Japanese patriotic forces on a nationwide scale so that the revolutionary forces could secure superiority over the counter-revolutionary forces; they should strive to strengthen solidarity with the international revolutionary force and take energetic steps to found a revolutionary, Marxist-Leninist party in the country.

These were the strategic and tactical policy which must be steadily held fast to by the Korean revolutionaries until the day when the anti-imperialist national-liberation revolution would be accomplished.

He said in the work that an independent position meant the fundamental stand of the communists--having confidence in the strength of their own people and responsibly carrying through the revolution in their country by their own efforts. He emphasized that only when the communists maintained a firm independent position in the revolutionary struggle could they formulate revolutionary lines and policies corresponding to the actual conditions in their country, safeguard and implement them thoroughly and fight to the last for their country's revolution in any difficulties and hardships.

The work made a great contribution to dynamically pushing ahead with the overall Korean revolution with the anti-Japanese armed struggle as the centre and training the Korean revolutionaries to be able political activists, steadfast fighters firmly armed with the Juche-oriented revolutionary line, strategy and tactics.

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