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Poem and Song Performance Held
Pyongyang, November 14 (KCNA) -- A poem and song performance of schoolchildren was given at the Central Youth Hall on Friday to mark the 55th publication anniversary of General Secretary
Kim Jong Il's famous masterpiece "I Wish a Second Would Become an Hour."

Recited at the stage of performance was "I Wish a Second Would Become an Hour", a poem written by Kim Jong Il in the period of the postwar reconstruction, wishing good health to President
Kim Il Sung who was tirelessly working without sparing himself.

Put on the stage were chorus "We Wish Good Health to the General", trio poem "Every Second and Every Hour of Yearning", poem and female chorus "If It Is the Wall Clock in the General's Office" and other numbers.

Among them were Oungum ensemble "Sound of the General's Footsteps", poem and Kayagum ensemble "Chollima of Songun Korea Runs at Full Gallop" and chorus "Letter of Blessing Presented by Three Millions of Schoolchildren".

In those numbers the performers represented the joy and happiness of the schoolchildren, who are growing up stoutly while learning to their hearts' content with their great hopes under the care of
Kim Jong Il, and their will to prepare themselves as the masters of a thriving nation.

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