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Lunar New Year Celebrated
Pyongyang, February 15 (KCNA) --Working people in various parts of the country joyously celebrated the lunar New Year.

On the morning of the day service personnel and working people of various strata and school youth and children visited Mansu Hill and various other places where the statues of President Kim Il Sung stand and the portraits of the smiling President are displayed to lay floral baskets and flowers before them and offer New Year greetings to him.

They visited their teachers, elders, neighbors, relatives and friends and exchanged greetings with them and promised them to bring about great innovations and leap forward in the on-going general march.

Pyongyangites from all walks of life visited the venue of the 14th Kimjongilia Festival and went round the immortal flowers in full bloom highly praising the great man.

Various parts of the city including Kim Il Sung Square were crowded with school children playing folk games such as letting various kinds of kites fly, top spinning, shuttlecock game and rope skipping.

Working people and school youth and children in different parts of the country joyfully spent the day with sports and amusement games and folk games.

Drawing particular interest was the stage on which members of the women's union in Sariwon, North Hwanghae Province introduced Korean etiquette.

Public catering establishments in Pyongyang and other places of the country were busy serving working people with abundant and diverse holiday diet.

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