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Ecuadorian Citizenship Awarded to 3 Commanders
Pyongyang, February 26 (KCNA) -- San Miguel de Ibarra City, Imbabura Province of Ecuador, presented its honorary citizenship to President Kim Il Sung, General Secretary Kim Jong Il and anti-Japanese heroine Kim Jong Suk.

A ceremony for conveying the certificate of honorary citizen took place at the city government hall on Feb. 16.

The certificate was handed to the head of the DPRK group for cooperation in traditional Korean medicine active in Ecuador after a decision of the city government on registering the three commanders of Mt. Paektu as honorary citizens was read out.

Written in the certificate are the following letters:

Taking into consideration the fact that the Ecuadorian state and autonomous regional governments assume the noble mission to strengthen cooperation, friendship and solidarity with other countries of the world, and recognizing that the DPRK has demonstrated its dignity by consolidating socialism centered on the popular masses with the Juche idea, San Miguel de Ibarra City, the seat of Imbabura Province of the Republic of Ecuador, decides:

To register HE President Kim Il Sung, HE Marshal Kim Jong Il and Mrs. Kim Jong Suk of the Korean people as its honorary citizens.

To present the three great persons of the DPRK with honorary citizenship, proceeding from respect and fraternity towards the Korean people and admiration for the Korean revolution based on the principle of the Juche idea and out of the San Miguel de Ibarra citizens' desire for friendship and solidarity with the Korean people.

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