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Food Festival Ends
Pyongyang, April 9 (KCNA) -- The 15th April Holiday Food Festival, which started at the People's Palace of Culture in Pyongyang on April 6 to mark Day of the Sun (President Kim Il Sung's birth anniversary), closed on Thursday.

Presented to the festival were more than 1,000 national and foreign dishes by 43 units selected through food contests in Pyongyang and local areas, as well as over 200 pieces of new cuisine information.

Diplomas and medals were conferred on such units as the Okryu Restaurant, Chongnyu Restaurant and Kanggye Chicken Entrails Soup Shop in Jagang Province, and individuals. Typical of the awarded dishes are steamed whole terrapin, smothered sturgeon spiced with soy sauce, wild vegetables salad mixed with green gram paste, smothered eel and hard-boiled chicken crest.

Jo Ui Yong, an official of the Korean Association of Cooks, told KCNA that such foreign dishes as pizza and spaghetti attracted attention of visitors. "The festival was very significant in improving people's living standard and diet," he said.

Jon Hye Suk, chef of the Chongnyu Restaurant, was satisfied at her dish of pig leg treated with oak tree smoke which won a special prize in the festival for its unique taste and flavor and for its easiness in preparation.

The festival took place, divided into exhibitions of provincial special food, famous dishes of catering establishments, typical national and foreign dishes and new cuisine information, skill contests and demonstrations of cooks and waiters and waitresses, seminar and the like.

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