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Azolla Filiculoides Used for Stockbreeding, Fish Farming
Pyongyang, May 7 (KCNA) -- Scientists of the Biology Branch under the State Academy of Sciences of the DPRK have made substitute feed for domestic animals and fishes by fermenting Azolla filliculoidas.

Azolla filliculoidas is a perennial plant floating on river, lake, pond, etc.

The feed made with the plant promotes appetite and digestion of domestic animals and fishes.

In particular the feed makes it possible to economize grain fodder of domestic animals including pig, duck and chicken by 30 percent and fishes including catfish and rainbow trout by 50 percent.

Azolla filliculoidas is richer than other feeding crops in protein content. It contains 22.2 percent of crude protein, 2.8 percent of crude fat, 26.4 percent of crude fiber, various kinds of vitamins and salt.

It, which is rapid in propagation and good in adaptability, has been widely cultivated in the country.

The substitute feed is paying off in many livestock and fish farms of the country.

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