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New Film Produced
Pyongyang, May 8 (KCNA) -- The Korean April 25 Film Studio produced feature film "Our Political Instructor".

The film tells a story about the political instructor of a women's A-A machine gun battery of the Korean People's Army who looks after and leads soldiers with revolutionary comradeship, bearing deep in mind the noble loving care shown by Supreme Commander of the KPA Kim Jong Il for them.

Heroine Un Ok, the political instructor, is as kind-hearted as their real elder sister who tries to learn about even their inward thoughts and solves their problems, finding herself among them but never allows any concession as far as their principle is concerned.

Other officers and commissioned officers are deeply moved to see the political instructor who works so hard to turn the battery into one based on ardent comradeship and join her in making devoted efforts.

Through the depiction of the heroine the film emphasizes that invincible are the revolutionary ranks rallied close around Kim Jong Il in thinking and purpose and in the sense of moral obligation and based on comradeship.

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