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DPRK Exhibition Opens in Spain
Pyongyang, May 8 (KCNA) -- A Korean exhibition opened with due ceremony at the "Asian House" Exhibition in Barcelona, Spain on April 26.

Displayed in the exhibition hall were fine art works introducing the DPRK.

The director of the Department of Culture and Exhibition of the "Asian House" made a speech at the ceremony.

The participants went round the exhibits before appreciating Korean films including "Korea Has Risen from Debris", "The Flower Girl", "Wolmi Island" and "A Schoolgirl's Diary".

The general director of the "Asian House" said that the level of culture of the DPRK has reached a world-startling level, adding that the sense of organization and unity of the Korean people are beyond human imagination. All the successes achieved in the DPRK are miracles that can be wrought only by the people guided by an outstanding leader, he said.

The director for "Asia Films" said:

I was deeply impressed by the Korean films showing the brilliant history of Korea and the spiritual world of the diligent Korean people. The Korean films are characterized by their unique charm that can hardly be found in the films of other countries. Thanks to the wise leadership of Kim Jong Il, the cinematic art of the DPRK is developing with its peculiarities.

The exhibition will last till the mid-July.

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