calendar>>April 22. 2011 Juch 100
US, S. Korea Accused of Blocking Dialogue
Pyongyang, April 22 (KCNA) -- The Solidarity for Progress of south Korea in a commentary on April 18 blasted the United States and the south Korean puppet authorities for blocking the dialogue with the DPRK.

The commentary accused the U.S. secretary of State and the south Korean minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade of holding talks at which they called for "the north's responsible measure" as regards the "Cheonan" case, etc. and put up this issue as a pre-condition for dialogue.

This approach and stand would not help advance any negotiations for improving the relations with the DPRK but would only steadily escalate the tension on the Korean Peninsula, it noted.

If the U.S. and the south Korean authorities truly want the improved relations with the DPRK, they should stop putting up their unreasonable pre-conditions and opt for immediate dialogue and negotiations for achieving peace, urged the commentary.

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