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S. Korean Authorities' Remarks over Tour of Mt. Kumgang Slammed
Pyongyang, April 22 (KCNA) -- Some time ago, the Korea Asia-Pacific Peace Committee clarified the stand that it would terminate the validity of the provision of the agreement on tour of Mt. Kumgang signed with the Hyundai side, which calls for granting it monopoly over the tour, and, consequently, the Hyundai side may undertake only the tour through areas of the south side while the DPRK will take charge of the international tour through the areas of the north side.

However, the south Korean authorities dismissed this measure of the DPRK side as "a violation of the agreement between businesses and the one between the authorities." They went the lengths of blustering that it is "unacceptable" and "such measure should be retracted" as "it is contrary to international practice."

Minju Joson Friday observes in a signed commentary in this regard:

What they uttered is nothing but a far-fetched assertion which cut no ice with anyone.

The south Korean authorities are in no position to talk about any violation of the agreement between the two authorities as they categorically denied the north-south joint declarations and have turned their faces away from their implementation, the commentary notes, and goes on: The international practice touted by them only betrayed their ignorance. It is the international usage that when a contracting party fails to implement the contract, the other contracting party urges the former to honor its duty under the contract and declares the contract invalid.

The measure taken by the DPRK side was a legitimate exercise of its sovereignty in its own country and land.

The south Korean authorities' remarks taking issue with the DPRK's measure are, in a nutshell, aimed to mislead public opinion and evade the responsibility for having derailed the above-said tour.

Thrown into a tight corner by the just measure taken by the DPRK side, the conservative group is running the whole gamut of rhetoric in a bid to pass the buck for having derailed the tour of Mt. Kumgang on the DPRK.

As clarified by KAPPC, the DPRK side will as ever maintain the relations of good faith and cooperation with the Hyundai and make sustained efforts to realize the wishes of the south Korean people to tour Mt. Kumgang.

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