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Kim Il Sung, Founder of Songun Idea
Pyongyang, April 22 (KCNA) -- The Korean people will soon greet the 79th anniversary of the Korean People's Army, which falls on April 25.

On this occasion, they are recollecting the feats of President Kim Il Sung, who founded the Songun idea.

The idea calls for giving priority to military affairs, strengthening the driving force of the revolution with the army as the core and propelling the revolution based on the role of the army.

The President, basing himself on a deep analysis of the specific situation of the anti-Japanese and national liberation movement of Korea and lesson drawn from it, created the idea in the early 1930s.

The idea traces its origin back to the two pistols his father Kim Hyong Jik gave him and the programme of the "Down-with-Imperialism Union" (DIU).

The pistols reflected what Kim Hyong Jik acquired, guiding the liberation movement for years, a profound truth that armed enemies should be fought with arms.

The President formed the DIU, a vanguard organization for achieving national liberation and class emancipation, in October Juche 15 (1926) and put forward its programme.

The programme calls for defeating imperialism, that is, launching an armed struggle.

He convened a meeting of cadres of the Young Communist League and the Anti-imperialist Youth League in Kalun from late June to early July Juche 19 (1930) and made public the Songun idea, together with the Juche idea.

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