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Pyongyang City Army-People Rally Held
Pyongyang, July 4 (KCNA) -- A Pyongyang city army-people rally took place at Kim Il Sung Square on Monday in denunciation of the crimes committed by the Lee Myung Bak group of unparalleled traitors.

The rally was attended by senior party, state and army officials, chairperson of a friendly party, officials of party, armed forces and power organs, public organizations, ministries and national institutions, servicepersons of the Korean People's Army and the Korean People's Internal Security Forces, officials in the fields of science, education, culture and arts, public health and media, working people and students in the city, more than 100,000 in all.

A statement of a spokesman for the Supreme Command of the Korean People's Army was read out at the rally to be followed by speeches.

KPA General Jang Jong Nam said on behalf of the servicepersons of the KPA: Now that south Korean confrontation maniacs without equals in the world dared to perpetrate such extreme provocation as not ruling out even a war against the DPRK, there remains between the north and the south only physical settlement of returning fire for fire.

The powerful revolutionary army of Mt. Paektu has never made an empty talk. It is the spirit and courage of the KPA to deal merciless deadly blows at the enemies till they are wiped out to the last man.

Those who do harm to the dignity of our leadership will not be able to go scot-free on this land and in the sky, he warned.

Representative of youth and students Ri Yong Chol, first secretary of the Central Committee of the Youth League, said that the reckless confrontation campaign kicked off by traitor Lee and the military hooligans is stunning the world. He vehemently condemned the Lee group of traitors, the sworn enemy of the nation, on behalf of the five million youth and students.

He called upon all the young people to mercilessly wipe out the group and achieve the cause of the country's reunification without fail in a nationwide sacred retaliatory war as befitting a reserve combat unit and detached force of the Supreme Commander.

Representative of workers Kim Ho Chol, head of a pit of the Hukryong Coal Mine, said that the hearts of the workers of the DPRK are burning with the towering resentment and anger at the puppet group keen in escalating the confrontation with the DPRK bereft of reason and discretion, and filled with the determination to take revenge upon it.

He declared that the workers would effect a surge in production in all fields of national economy and thus decisively foil the group's reckless racket for confrontation with the DPRK.

Representative of agricultural workers Kim Yong Bok, chairperson of the Management Board of the Mangyongdae Vegetable Farm, Mangyongdae District, said: It is as clear as a pikestaff that the nation will suffer greatest disaster if the above-said group is not punished. The agricultural workers will stand guard over the socialist rural position, each holding a rifle in one hand and a sickle in the other and bring about a decisive turn in the agricultural production in the spirit of dealing sledge-hammer blows at the Lee group.

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