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Kim Jong Il, Great Father of People

Pyongyang, December 20 (KCNA) -- At noon of December 19 a woman TV announcer of the DPRK informed with tears the saddest news that leader Kim Jong Il passed away of a sudden.

All servicepersons and people of the country burst out sobbing at this unexpected news as they were very eager to meet the tender-hearted leader at their military posts and worksites, ardently missing him.

It was some days ago that Kim Jong Il visited the Kwangbok Area Supermarket. Pleased to see plentiful goods at its counters, he said with bright smile in his face that he felt warm though it is cold weather. But no one knew that this was the last chance to see his image.

His life was that of a peerlessly patriot who dedicated his all only to the country and the people.

Always with the political idea that genuine love for human being is like fertile soil for bringing the flower of human independence into full bloom, he made endless journey of field guidance, finding his pride and joy in the devoted service for the people.

This stirring year alone, he visited many units across the country by train and car, starting early in January. In those days he paid deep attention to the improvement of the people's living standard and took bold and workable measures to this end.

Thanks to his painstaking efforts, a great number of bases for people's wellbeing were built up, modernization of industrial establishments pushed ahead and the material and technological foundation consolidated for the production of consumer goods.

Though Kim Jong Il passed away to their regret, the Korean people are firmly convinced that the prosperity and happiness of all generations will be guaranteed as they have General Kim Jong Un.

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