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Korean People's Wailing Voices Rock Heaven and Earth

Pyongyang, December 20 (KCNA) -- People's wailing voices are rocking heaven and earth in the DPRK after the release of the news that leader Kim Jong Il passed away from sudden illness in the middle of his tour for field guidance.

Employees of the Fun Fair of Kaeson Youth Park are bursting into tears, saying they can never forget fatherly General Kim Jong Il who came to the park several times.

"When the respected General came here on December 4, an unusually cold day, we asked him to come on a nice day, not a day of such an unfavorable weather, saying there are lots of fine days. Kim Jong Il, with a smile on his face, said people should come on a fine day while he may come on such a bad day," they said.

"He passed away leaving behind his promise to come back next spring and watch our art performance. Heaven is so indifferent to us," they added.

A poet who wrote the verses of "The blue sky over my country" went to the square relying him on a stick. He, knocking the ground, cried "I can not see the sky. When you were with us, I could see its blue color but today I can not see it at all."

Former unconverted long-term prisoners went to the Mansudae Art Studio where they threw themselves before the mosaic portraying President Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il.

They lamented the demise of Kim Jong Il, saying he passed away so early even though he brought them, who were passing out as breathing fossil, back to his fold and gave happiness so that the whole world could envy them.

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