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Pyongyangites Feel Extremely Regretful

Pyongyang, December 21 (KCNA) -- "After displaying the portrait of smiling leader Kim Jong Il at the plaza of Pyongyang Indoor Stadium I can't raise my head and watch the sun in the sky, feeling guilty for failing to fulfill the responsibility as an official and filial duty as a soldier and disciple," said Jon Yong Gun, 52, manager of the Pyongyang Indoor Stadium. This reflects the guilty conscience of Pyongyangites who failed to erect a statue of Kim Jong Il in any place of the country.

Portraits of smiling Kim Jong Il in ordinary jumper have been displayed in different parts of the city including Kim Il Sung Square and the April 25 House of Culture.

The mourning sites turned into veritable seas of wailing people. Such lamentation as "How could you go leaving us behind?" "Come back, come back, please" could be heard from among them.

Thak Hwa Suk, 49, deputy to the Supreme People's Assembly, said in a chocking voice. "Leader Kim Jong Il did not pass away. He gave everything to the people while conducting forced march for the happiness of the people only. It is painful to think that he did not allow the erection of his statue. How to describe the sorrow of Kim Jong Un, vice-chairman of the Central Military Commission of the WPK, when our hearts are breaking."

War veteran Sin Myong Chol, 77, resident in Sokbong-dong in Sosong District of Pyongyang, said:

"Whenever I watch over TV the kind-hearted and benevolent image of Kim Jong Il dedicating himself to the people's happiness day and night, I thought he was in good health. But I did not know he was on his field guidance despite serious illness.

They say return kindness for kindness. But I received loving care only. I am very regretful for failing to repay his loving care."

Ri Un Sim, 15, pupil of Pyongyang Pongji Secondary School, said that she had eagerly waited for the New Year Day every year to bring pleasure and satisfaction to leader Kim Jong Il by giving a successful performance on the New Year Day. But now we will never have such honorable occasion to perform before him, she cried in a chocking voice.

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