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Kim Jong Il's Field Jacket Cherished in Hearts of People

Pyongyang, December 21 (KCNA) -- Portraits of smiling Kim Jong Il in simple khaki jacket were set up in various places of Pyongyang Tuesday.

An endless stream of servicepersons of the Korean People's Army, people from all walks of life and school youth and children thronged to Kim Il Sung Square, plaza of Pyongyang Indoor Stadium and other locations to mourn his demise before his portraits.

They sobbed with bitter grief, looking up to the image of the kind-hearted father. Surging in their minds were strong feelings of yearning for leader Kim Jong Il, a peerlessly great man who made long journey of total dedication to the people, going in his casual jacket all his life.

Enshrined in the hearts of the soldiers and people of the DPRK is a noble image of Kim Jong Il in his field jacket.

In that dress he inspected the posts on the defence line of the country including the post under shrub pine trees, Mt. Osong, Mt. Taedok and Panmunjom to protect the independent destiny and future of the people.

This dress instilled the wisdom and bravery capable of matching a hundred into soldiers.

He visited time and again many factories, enterprises and co-op farms in his field jacket reeking of soil of heights, leading the people to a victory.

Thanks to his devoted efforts with which he made tireless forced march of field guidance for decades the DPRK has grown strong, its towns and villages turned into a socialist land of bliss and the eternal treasure of people has further increased.

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