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Kim Jong Il Will Always Be with Us

Pyongyang, December 21 (KCNA) -- Portraits of smiling Kim Jong Il set up in plazas in Pyongyang are being visited by an endless stream of mourners.

The grief-stricken people look up to the portraits of leader Kim Jong Il in his ordinary field jacket.

His picture makes everyone feel pangs of compunction as he made long journey of field guidance, going in his field jacket all his life.

He had inconvenient naps and simple rice-balls in cars or on trains while making the journey of field guidance for the country's prosperity and people's happy life, not even taking a day off.

Mourners cried in chocking voices, "General, you have had pain only for people all your life", "How can you, General, pass away so early leaving us behind?", "We have not fulfilled our obligation".

Kim Jong Il found himself among the people and shared joys and sorrows with them all his life and the Korean people can not live even a moment without him.

People were always in his mind and he was always in their minds.

That's why people weep so bitterly, crying "General has not left us, He is always with us."

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