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Special Dishes on First Full Moon Day
Pyongyang, February 6 (KCNA) -- Dishes made of nine kinds of dried edible herbs are favorite ones taken by the Korean people on the first full moon day (January 15th of the lunar calendar), one of their folk holidays.

Nine kinds of dried edible herbs vary with locality.

Most of herbs are used for dishes. But dried radish slices, aralia shoots, lentinus edodes, osmund, broad bellflower roots, pumpkin slices and perilla leaves pickled with salt are most popular for the dishes.

People in Pyongyang prepare holiday dishes with red pepper leaves, barrenwort, bracken and osmund, while people in North and South Hamgyong provinces use broad bellflower roots, leopard plant and seaweed for dishes.

It has been told that if one eats the said dishes on the holiday when farming starts, he or she would enjoy double happiness, neither feeling heat too much in summer nor suffering from illness that year.

January 15 of lunar calendar this year is February 6.

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