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KCNA Lauds Kim Jong Il's Journey of Patriotic Devotion
Pyongyang, August 7 (KCNA) -- The Korean Central News Agency made public a report on leader Kim Jong Il's great whole life of patriotic devotion on August 6.

The report said:

Kim Jong Il's life was characterized by the boundless loyalty of the peerlessly great patriot who successfully defended the socialist homeland liberated by President Kim Il Sung and devoted his all to the prosperity of the country and the happiness of the people with the noblest outlook on the country, people and posterity.

He made the journey for the sake of the country and people to the last moments of his life.

He made over 669,844 km-long journey all his life, equivalent to traveling round the globe nearly 17 times.

His forced march was, indeed, an epic-like journey of a hero as he always shared his destiny with the servicepersons and people as a genuine patriot of the country.

Whenever he visited servicepersons and workers displaying the remarkable patriotic zeal, he highly appreciated the fighting spirit displayed by them in performing feats, and warmly encouraged them by reposing absolute trust in them and showing loving care.

The revolutionary soldier spirit and the Kanggye spirit were created amid warm affection between the leader and his soldiers, and all the service members and people turned out as one in hearty response to the leader's patriotic call.

The creation of the spirits led to the vigorous campaign for general offensive which was called the torch of Hamnam, in the wake of the creation of the Songgang, Ranam and Kangson torches that resulted in remarkably augmenting the ideological and moral might of the people of the DPRK.

During the arduous march, the revolutionary military songs resounded far and wide by the State Merited Chorus as a trumpet of the times, encouraging all the servicepersons and people to the advance.

In the period, art performances given by service members and families of service persons, concerts by Unhasu Orchestra, light comedy "An Echo among the Hills", drama "We Will Recollect Today", etc. instilled warm patriotism into the minds of all service members and people.

He defended the homeland, nation, socialism and world peace by enforcing his original Songun politics and converted the DPRK into the world military power which no formidable enemy dares provoke.

This was the greatest feats performed by Generalissimo Kim Jong Il out of patriotism.

On August 25, 1960, he provided field guidance to the Seoul Ryu Kyong Su 105 Guards Tank Division of the Korean People's Army.

Since then he visited his beloved soldiers and prepared them to be the fighters of devotedly defending the leader and patriotic fighters who are ready to risk their lives to defend the country.

He visited at least 12,790 units while providing the Songun revolutionary leadership. The distance of field guidance provided by him totaled 629,992 km.

Under the loving care of the illustrious commander of Songun, the KPA became the elite revolutionary armed forces of Mt. Paektu capable of beating back any formidable enemy at a single strike.

The DPRK's defence industry developed into a cutting-edge industry capable of producing any military hardware with tremendous striking power at will.

He trained the service members to be the driving force not only for defending the country and building a thriving socialist nation but also for providing the happy life of the people.

He laid a firm foundation for building an economic power through his warm patriotic devotion.

This is another great feat to be recorded in the history of the country along with the era of Songun.

The arduous journey of more than 353,576 km made by the great patriot, the great man, specially went down in the history of the country as he continued the journey to the last moments of his life in the van of the arduous march, taking a short and uncomfortable nap and having a rice-ball.

His patriotic motto calling for living not merely for today but for tomorrow has been cherished in the hearts of all the people of the country, emboldening them to the struggle for providing the happiness for generations to come.

There sprang up the Huichon Power Station thanks to his great bold decision and under his energetic and devoted leadership.

This grand edifice of the Songun era is a noble patriotic legacy bequeathed down by the peerlessly great man for the country and the people.

The last three years of his life were years of a popular and heroic life of the peerlessly great patriot who worked day and night leading the advancing ranks amid the high-pitched drive with the firm will not to allow even a moment's stop in the forced march toward a final victory.

In those days, he energetically traveled from the east to the west and from the west to the north of the country as President Kim Il Sung did in the anti-Japanese armed struggle period.

In those period, he provided field guidance to nearly 1,000 units.

The number of the units visited by him only for 100 days since early in January of 2009 reached four times that of the same period of the previous year.

He traveled almost tens of thousands of kilometers throughout the country.

He performed undying feats for the era, revolution, country and people with his outstanding ideologies and theories, rare leadership ability and steel-strong will by making painstaking efforts, and worked with ardent patriotism all his life.

He was on a train in his journey for the people even at the last moment of his life when his heart stopped beating.

His revolutionary career represents the holy history of the sun to be recorded for all ages along with the prosperity of Kim Il Sung's nation.

The history of the forced march made by him is associated with the boundless devotion to the country, the revolution and the people. It is, indeed, a legendary history of patriotism which could be made only by Kim Jong Il, the peerlessly great patriot and the father of the people.

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