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Anti-Reunification Remarks of Traitor Lee Myung Bak Flayed
Pyongyang, August 17 (KCNA) -- A spokesman for the Committee for the Peaceful Reunification of Korea answered the questions put by KCNA as regards the fact that traitor Lee Myung Bak made anti-reunification remarks for confrontation with the DPRK in an "address celebrating August 15," the anniversary of Korea's liberation.

The spokesman said:

The traitor's address to be the last one during his office enraged all the people as he let loose a spate of anti-DPRK invectives again.

He openly praised his traitorous, unpopular and anti-reunification crimes, far from repenting of his sins which have driven the north-south relations to the collapse through the confrontation with fellow countrymen and hideous provocations.

He trumpeted that the "consistent and principled policy toward the north" proved effective, talking about the DPRK's "changes."

He even made sordid remarks that he is prepared to positively "cooperate" with the international community in case the commitment to the denuclearization is honored, while raising again the threadbare theory of "urging the north to scrap its nuclear program first".

More serious is that he openly revealed his daydream of "unification through absorption", talking nonsense that "unified ROK is a springboard for 'greater ROK'" and "it is necessary to be ready for unification."

Such rubbish is just poor sophism of the man driven into a tight corner in the face of the total bankruptcy of his policy for confrontation with the compatriots in the DPRK and the ruling crisis, and it is also ridiculous remarks of the guy suffering from hallucination who is ignorant of how the world goes about.

What Lee has done during the tenure of his office was that he made south Korea all the more dependent on the U.S., worsened the livelihood of the people and plunged the inter-Korean ties to a deadlock.

Lee is finding himself at the death's door, being driven into the tightest corner and condemned as the worst "president" in the history of south Korea.

Such guy justified his sins and praised even the deadlocked inter-Korean relations as a fruit of his confrontation policy. This clearly shows how imprudent the traitor is and what a reckless confrontation monger he is.

The puppet regime of south Korea has not changed even a bit in its true colors as confrontation maniac. This can be well known by the fact that when the DPRK requested south Korea to clarify its stand concerning the withdrawal of the "May 24 step" and resumption of tour of Mt. Kumgang in response to the proposal for "reunion of separated families" made by the president of the south Korean Red Cross, it said the north's demand is "unacceptable" and the DPRK has, in fact, rejected the offer.

This clearly proved that it only pays lip-service and does not really intend to provide the meeting of the "separated families".

After all, the "commemoration address" by Lee is nothing but a formal declaration that he would continue confrontation and war moves until the last day of his office despite the censure and denunciation at home and abroad.

Traitor Lee should know that he would face bigger denunciation and criticism of the public for his reckless remarks.

He would be well advised to face up to the situation, lending an ear to the people's voices at home and abroad.

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