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High Respect Paid to Kim Jong Il by Foreign Personage
Pyongyang, December 12 (KCNA) -- Guy Dupre, secretary general of the International Liaison Committee for Reunification and Peace in Korea, made public a statement on Dec. 5 under the title "High respect to HE Kim Jong Il, prominent leader of socialist Korea" to mark the first anniversary of his demise.

Kim Jong Il, defender of socialism and sovereignty and dignity of the Korean people, made tireless efforts to the last moments of his life to achieve the socialist cause, reunify Korea, build a thriving nation and ensure global peace, Dupre said, expressing highest respect to him.

Dupre praised the great personality and undying exploits of Kim Jong Il he experienced during the days of conducting solidarity activities for the Korean people's cause for national reunification.

The most distinguished feat Kim Jong Il performed was that he set it as the basic goal of the Workers' Party of Korea to implement the last instructions of President Kim Il Sung and carried forward his idea and cause, Dupre noted, adding:

Kim Jong Il worked heart and soul to put an end to national division enforced by foreign forces and achieve prosperity and reunification of the nation.

What is the most important at present for the world progressives paying high respect to Kim Jong Il is to actively stage solidarity activities supporting the movement for the implementation of the inter-Korean declarations adopted on June 15 in 2000 and on October 4 in 2007.

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