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KCNA Commentary Blasts S. Korean Confrontation Maniacs
Pyongyang, January 4 (KCNA) -- The Lee Myung Bak group of traitors in south Korea kicked off the moves for confrontation with fellow countrymen and war maneuvers against the DPRK from the outset of the year, touching off astonishment and resentment of the public at home and abroad.

Traitor Lee and his group, letting loose a spate of such malignant outbursts that the south should defend "the northern limit line" and "the north may perpetrate provocations based on the mode of striking the west while making noise in the east", are getting frantic in the war maneuvers against the north while calling for "punishment" of someone. They hurled human scum into the operation of scattering leaflets.

The madcap confrontation racket kicked off by the group is an outright challenge to the aspiration of all the fellow countrymen for peace and reunification. It is also a grave provocation turning deaf ear to the sincere call of the DPRK for removing the confrontation between the north and the south and opening a new phase of national reunification by concerted efforts of the nation.

It is quite natural that all the fellow countrymen in the north and the south and abroad are cursing the Lee group of rats for bringing dark clouds of confrontation and war from the outset of the year.

The group seeks to drive the inter-Korean relations to bigger catastrophe and ignite a war at any cost. It also seeks to worsen the inter-Korean ties and let the next regime carry on the confrontation policy.

No one can vouch what a big disaster the last-ditch efforts of those more dead than alive will bring to the nation. This is clearly evidenced by the five years of the Lee group's office.

The south Korean people have been constantly harassed by war-phobia and uneasiness and the nation has never been in peace due to the confrontation rackets kicked up by the decadent and incompetent group of traitors who knows nothing but saber-rattling. It is the group which unhesitatingly committed heinous crimes stunning the world people.

That is why the touch-and-go situation prevails on the Korean Peninsula and there occurred such a tragedy in which the north and the south opened fire into the other side.

Confrontation with fellow countrymen will lead to a war and it will bring only disaster to the nation. If the disaster of the nation is to be prevented, its cause must be rooted up. This is a lesson taught by the past five year-long history of the inter-Korean relations.

The group should not misjudge the broad magnanimity of the DPRK wanting the national reconciliation, unity and reunification.

There is a limit to the DPRK's patience and the spirit of its service personnel and people for annihilating the enemies is sky-high.

Those who pursue confrontation with fellow countrymen and war are bound to ruin.

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