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DPRK's Socialist Constitution Introduced by Foreign Media
Pyongyang, January 6 (KCNA) -- Nigerian and Russian publications dedicated articles to the 40th anniversary of the promulgation of "The Socialist Constitution of the DPRK" by President Kim Il Sung from Dec. 23 to 27 last year.

The Nigerian National Committee for the Study of the Juche Idea posted on its internet homepage an article titled "Socialist Constitution," saying that the Socialist Constitution of the DPRK stipulates the Juche idea, Songun idea, as a guiding principle for the state activities.

It introduced the main contents of the constitution:

The Socialist Constitution of the DPRK is a political charter which codifies the successes made by the Korean people in the revolution and construction under the uplifted banner of the Juche idea. It also stipulates all principles to be abided by in all fabrics of state activities and social life and important tasks facing the socialist construction.

The constitution has served as law adopted by the Korean people themselves, the law which has been unequivocally supported by them over the last four decades and a mighty engine propelling revolution and construction.

The Russian paper Obektivnaya Gazeta and the internet homepages of Moscow Workers' Union of Russia and Rostov-Na-Donu Anti-Bourgeois Front carried similar articles.

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