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Kim Jong Il's Noble Life Praised by Foreign Newspapers
Pyongyang, February 27 (KCNA) -- Foreign newspapers carried special write-ups illustrated with the portrait of smiling general secretary Kim Jong Il on the occasion of his birth anniversary.

The February 11-17 of the Lao paper Heng Ngan in its article titled "Kim Jong Il and his life" said that he successfully accomplished the cause of immortalizing President Kim Il Sung, leading a noble life.

The paper referred to the fact that Kim Jong Il spared nothing for the people and did not allow the erection of even a small statue for him.

The Mexican paper Unidad Nacional on January 31 carried an article praising his noble outlook on the people under the headline of "Kim Jong Il, a legendary great man".

On the same day the Bulgarian paper Zaraba devoted one whole page to articles praising him.

The paper said in an article titled "Patriotism" what profound patriotism he had can be clearly explained by the fact that he worked heart and soul to defend socialist Korea and build a thriving nation.

The paper in an article titled "Succession to socialist cause" noted that the socialist cause pioneered by Kim Il Sung and successfully pushed forward by Kim Jong Il is being carried forward by the dear respected Kim Jong Un without any deflection.

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