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Day of Shining Star Marked in Different Countries
Pyongyang, February 27 (KCNA) -- Meetings, lectures, seminars, book and photo exhibitions and film shows were held in Pakistan, Iran, Brazil, Uganda, Tunisia and Italy from February 14 to 18 on the occasion of the birth anniversary of general secretary Kim Jong Il (the Day of the Shining Star).

Displayed in the venues of the events were photos on revolutionary activities of Kim Jong Il and the dear respected Kim Jong Un.

Also on display there were books, including works of the peerlessly great men of Mt. Paektu, and photos showing the successes made by the Korean people in building a thriving nation.

Participants in film shows watched Korean films including "Fireworks of a Thriving Nation" and "Reply of Korea."

Speakers at the meeting in Pakistan highly praised Kim Jong Il for his noble popular personality and undying feats, expressing the highest respect to him who made a great contribution to the prosperity of the DPRK and the accomplishment of the human cause of independence.

The chairman of the Brazilian Committee for Solidarity with the DPRK said that Kim Jong Il performed great exploits guaranteeing an eternal foundation of socialist Korea and its rosy future, holding aloft the banner of Songun, and left them as a legacy.

An adviser to the Ugandan president noted that though Kim Jong Il passed away, his exploits would always be remembered by the people of Uganda.

The chairman of the Ugandan National Executive Committee of the Pan-African Movement called for maintaining high vigilance against the U.S. imperialists' moves to provoke a new war on the Korean Peninsula and extending support and solidarity to the just cause of the Korean people.

The secretary general of the European Society for the Study of the Juche Idea noted that Kim Jong Il wrote a lot of works, imbuing the world progressive people with firm faith in the victory of socialism.

A congratulatory message to Kim Jong Un was adopted at the meeting in Pakistan.

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