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Urgent Solution of Labor Issues Urged in S. Korea
Pyongyang, February 27 (KCNA) -- The Emergency Situation Council for Urgently Coping with Lay-off, Part-time Job and Destruction of Trade Unions in south Korea, including the Confederation of Trade Unions, the Solidarity for Progress and other labor, civic and social organizations, held a press conference on Feb. 25 in Seoul calling for a solution to the labor issues.

The speakers recalled at the press conference that the organization called for settling the situation at Hanjin Heavy Industries, Ssangyong Motors, Yusong Enterprise and Hyundai Motors and the labor issues including the stop to crackdown upon the Government Employees' Union.

Nevertheless, the "government" authorities dismissed the chairman and the secretary general of the union and sought to outlaw the Teachers Union, disclosing their intention to steadily crack down upon workers, they said, and went on:

They urged the "government" to conduct the state investigation into the situation at Ssangyong Motors, reinstate the dismissed workers and turn part-time job into a regular one.

They also called for lifting the unreasonable disciplinary measures against government and public workers.

At the end of the conference, they staged a demonstration.

Meanwhile, the Solidarity for Abolishing Discriminations against Disabled Persons held a press conference at which it urged the "government" authorities to take a step for guaranteeing the disabled persons' right to existence.

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