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KCNA Commentary Brands Military Drills as Politically-Motivated Provocation against DPRK
Pyongyang, February 27 (KCNA) -- The U.S. and south Korean puppet forces plan Key Resolve and Foal Eagle joint military exercises under the pretext of "annual" ones.

This is an undisguised and deliberate, politically-motivated military provocation gravely threatening the security of the DPRK.

A touch-and-go situation is prevailing on the Korean Peninsula due to the U.S. hostile moves against the DPRK that have been stepped up after its legitimate satellite launch and underground nuclear test for defending its sovereignty.

Against this backdrop, the U.S. and south Korean puppet forces are trying to set fire to the power magazine by kicking off undisguised war drills against the DPRK.

Frantic saber-rattling reminiscent of an actual war will be staged across south Korea for nearly two months under the codenames of Key Resolve and Foal Eagle.

This can not but be a very dangerous military move aimed to ignite an all-out war on the Korean Peninsula where slightest military move and even an accidental event may lead to an all-out war.

The U.S. and south Korean forces have escalated military confrontation with the DPRK after its satellite launch.

After its third underground nuclear test, in particular, the south Korean military had confabs with the U.S. on the issue of including the concept of "preemptive attack" in the "tailored containment strategy", openly crying out for "mounting a preemptive attack even if it may entail a war."

A large number of the U.S. imperialist aggression forces and latest nuclear attack means have been deployed in south Korea and its vicinity and huge forces of the three services of the south Korean army have been, in fact, put on alert as in wartime.

Maneuvers like combined naval drill and combined anti-submarine drill have been perpetrated by the U.S. and the south Korean forces across south Korea every day.

Through Key Resolve and Foal Eagle the U.S. seeks to materialize its scenario for stifling the DPRK as an adventurous "preemptive nuclear attack" on it.

This is proven by the programs of the commanding post drill aimed to cope with various circumstances such as the U.S. reinforcements' deployment in the Korean Peninsula under the simulated conditions of an actual war and more than 20 combined mobile exercises to be staged by the U.S. and south Korean coalition forces in the land, air and sea.

The hostile forces had better stop bluffing.

It is the firm will of the army and people of the DPRK to react to the military pressure with an all-out action and counter nuclear threat with nuclear deterrent for self-defence and to sweep the enemies out of the earth and win a victory in the war for national reunification.

The warning of the DPRK is by no means a threat.

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