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Massacre of Koreans by Japanese Imperialists during Great Kanto Quake Exposed
Pyongyang, August 24 (KCNA) -- Kang Hyo Suk, professor at Wongwang University of south Korea, recently open to public a document laying bare monstrous massacre of Koreans by the Japanese imperialists during the great Kanto quake in September 1923.

The document worked out by the German Foreign Ministry in March 1924 contains information that Koreans were ruthlessly killed by Japanese and evidence proving the atrocities.

It said that the Japanese government issued a special order to the army and police in those days to "kill all Koreans, men and women, young and old, in streets."

When confusion was getting serious due to the great quake, the Japanese government spread a rumor that Koreans were to rise up in an uprising in a bid to divert the people's grievances elsewhere and indiscriminately killed Koreans by mobilizing the army, police and "ultra-right organizations", the document noted.

The professor said that mass-killings of Koreans in those days were sparked off as "Japanese diverted the resentment and despair they felt at the quake to the Koreans."

The professor expressed the determination to make deeper study of the data disclosing the mass killings of Koreans committed by the Japanese imperialists during the great Kanto quake.

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