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Reclamation of Sepho Tableland Progresses Apace
Pyongyang, August 24 (KCNA) -- Achievements are being registered in reclaiming Sepho tableland of the DPRK.

Projects for laying a firm foundation for stockbreeding have made brisk headway. More than 20,000 hectares of tableland were reclaimed, pasture was created, drainage extending more than 270 km was dug and roads and those for grazing extending about 1,000 km were built in recent two months.

Soldiers of the Korean People's Army carried out their plan for creating a vast area of pasture at more than 80 percent and have put tending of pasture on a scientific and technological basis. They are stepping up the construction of dwelling houses at a final stage while pushing forward the construction of stables at a fast speed.

Soldiers of the Korean People's Internal Security Forces finished the construction of ring-shape road extending more than 3,700 km and have ensured materials needed for building dozens of blocks of stockbreeding base and dwelling houses, increasing the speed of the projects.

Members of the shock brigade of the Ministry of Railways established a strict drainage system to weather the rainy season and are successfully pushing ahead with manuring and tending. They are taking the lead in carrying out tasks to create pasture and dig drainages.

In July the shock brigade of the Pyongyang City Brigade removed 1,200 cubic meters of earth, laid 2 000 square meters of feldspar, improved rivers and streams extending more than a thousand meters to prevent damage from flooding. Each battalion built nurseries to create shelterbelts, created hundreds of hectares of pasture and built roads for grazing extending dozens of kilometers.

The Ichon County Division created pasture of 80 percent of the pasture under the plan while shock brigade members of the Sepho and Phyonggang county divisions registered achievements in their projects.

Achievements were reported from the worksites for securing domestic animals of good strains and establishing scientific breeding and poultry production systems.

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