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Names of Places Associated with Songun Revolutionary Feats of Kim Jong Il, Kim Jong Un
Pyongyang, August 24 (KCNA) -- The Songun revolutionary feats of the great Generalissimo Kim Jong Il are deeply cherished in the hearts of the service personnel and people of the DPRK along with the names of unforgettable places.

The journey of Songun which General Secretary Kim Jong Il made till the last moments of his life began in Ssangun-ri.

Chol Pass known as a symbol of the Songun revolutionary leadership tells the touching story about the long journey of Songun made by him.

The path with 152 turns along the sharp-cut cliff on Mt. Osong reminds the people of the arduous and rugged path of Songun covered by him.

He pushed his car up the slippery path along the sharp-cut cliff being exposed to the sudden downpour. Mt. Osong, therefore, rises imposingly as the mountain of Songun associated with traces of death-defying struggle.

Mt. Taedok, the birthplace of the slogan of a-match-for-a-hundred, could also be found in the history of the high-intensity forced march made by the illustrious commander of Songun.

Panmunjom conveys the strong gut and pluck of the brilliant commander of Mt. Paektu.

Height 351, Height 1211 and Mt. Jihye from where enemy positions are just within earshot and other places were recorded in the Songun revolutionary history of the illustrious commander.

There are many other places associated with the road to the front covered by him. They include Cho Islet where he went defying rough storms to meet soldiers there, high and steep ridges on which he guided mobile and tactical exercises and firepower training of units, a peak where he had a rice ball as lunch and a site of repairing tunnel where he brightened the site with the headlight of his car until soldier-builders finished their meals.

Those meaningful names of places recorded in his Songun revolutionary leadership history are shining as there is another brilliant commander of Mt. Paektu.

Marshal Kim Jong Un is just identical to Kim Jong Il in his Songun leadership. Kim Jong Un is ushering in the great heyday of building the revolutionary armed forces through his ceaseless visits to posts on the foremost front areas including a post on Kkachil Peak of Mt. Osong, Jangjae Islet, Mu Islet and Wolnae Islet situated in the biggest hotspot area.

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