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S. Korean Regime's "Theory of Principle" against Reunification under Fire
Pyongyang, September 23 (KCNA) -- If the south Korean regime persistently pursues confrontation with the DPRK with its "theory of principle", the north-south relations are bound to reach the worst phase and the regime will be only fated to suffer a humiliating ruin, says Rodong Sinmun in an article on Monday.

It is describing the hard-won atmosphere for improving the north-south relations as a fruition of its "confidence-building process" and "principled policy towards the north", and is crying out for "change" of the DPRK.

The conservative regime is misrepresenting the situation by twisting present inter-Korean ties with the "theory of principle", a clear revelation of its sinister attempt to pursue the "confrontation accompanied with dialogue".

If it defies the spirit of "By our nation itself", the idea of national independence and unity, and pursues dependence on outsiders and confrontation with compatriots, the inter-Korean ties are bound to fall short of improving.

Such actions as leveling a gun at the dialogue partner and talking nonsense about the fruition of the magnanimous and sincere efforts for dialogue by the DPRK to mislead the public opinion clearly prove that the south Korean regime's confrontation hysteria and provocative racket have reached the crafty and reckless phase.

The DPRK can never remain a passive onlooker to such practices.

It is entirely thanks to the sincere proposal for dialogue and positive efforts by the DPRK that the north-south ties have been in the orbit of dialogue and detente so far.

It is completely natural that the dialogue and negotiations will not help promote national reconciliation and unity now that the regime is abusing them for pursuing confrontation.

The DPRK wants to discuss with the south Korean authorities the issues of developing the north-south ties and achieving peace and prosperity but is not willing to show magnanimity and sincerity for the dialogue and negotiations for confrontation.

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