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S. Korean Society Ridden with Irregularities and Corruption
Pyongyang, September 23 (KCNA) -- South Korean newspapers are devoting much space everyday to articles dealing with "the detention of heavyweights and summons issued to them" for irregularities and corruption, stunning society. This reflects the real picture of the south Korean society rotten and ailing due to the misrule of the dictatorial regime.

It has been disclosed that Won Se Hun, the chief architect of the puppet Intelligence Service's interference in the election, received hundreds of millions of won from a construction businessman several times.

The bribery committed by the former director of the Office of Tax Administration is touching off resentment of people.

It has also been disclosed that a report on estimation was forged for delivery of parts for power station equipment despite their low quality. What is more deplorable is that bribes are paid at each phase after launching an investigation into the case.

The project for improving the four large rivers started by the Lee Myung Bak group of traitors is ridden with all sorts of scandals.

Many businesses received larger amount of expenses from the authorities than the planned under the pretext of the project. Among them is a business which received more than 500 billion won. Most of the money went into the pocket of businessmen. The project was thus carried out in a slipshod manner, causing serious consequences.

It has also been brought to light that the manager of a road company wrested a fabulous amount of money from construction businessmen.

It has recently been disclosed that a relative of the present chief executive expropriated hundreds of millions of won under the pretext of attraction of investment in real estate and transfer of business, becoming a target of criticism at home and abroad.

This is just a tip of iceberg of irregularities and corruption perpetrated under the dictatorial regime.

It is by no means fortuitous that south Korean media described the cases of bosses of the highest organs being questioned by prosecution for their scandals as commonplace.

What merits a more attention is that scandals have become a social trend under the patronage of the authorities such that they reached an uncontrollable phase.

The sad story of the preceding regime which was called the "Cabinet of the rich" as it was made up of those who were tainted with scandals is now repeating itself under the present regime.

The puppet prime minister, minister of Defense, minister of Creation of Future and Science, director of the Constitutional Court, chairman of the Fair Trade Committee, director of the Minor Enterprises Agency, vice prime minister of Economy, vice-minister of Justice and other nominees tipped by the present chief executive had to step down for their involvement in scandals before taking office. This was something unprecedented in the history of puppet politics.

The present chief executive disbanded even the central investigation headquarters of the Supreme Prosecutor's Office which looked after irregularities and corruption in name only.

There are comments that the rate of the authorities' discovery and punishment of officials involved in scandals is very low.

It is needless to say that all fabrics of society are ridden with scandals.

Some days ago, the puppet Administration Institute presented survey results that it has become a practice for businessmen to pay bribes for business dealings and this has become a basic factor of corruption among officials.

It has become a common practice for government employees of administration organs to receive bribes for dealing with suits filed by civilians.

Irregularities and corruption are prevalent in the educational and health fields and other evil doings are rampant in pursuit of profits.

A government official warned that scandals are commonplace in south Korean society, reaching a danger line. This proves the gravity of the situation.

Scandals spread like a cancer in all fabrics of south Korean society under the reign of dictatorial forces, suffocating everybody.

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