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Korean in Russia Accuses S. Korean Authorities of Their Anti-Reunification Actions
Pyongyang, September 26 (KCNA) -- Ri Chae Son, vice-chairperson of the Central Association of Korean Nationals in Russia, released a statement on Sept. 24 denouncing the south Korean puppet regime for its crimes against national reunification.

The regime is letting loose a whole string of sheer sophism intended to evade the blame for the bedeviled inter-Korean relations and shift the responsibility for the situation onto the north, the statement said, and went on:

As already known, it had an axe to grind for realizing its delaying tactics, vociferating about "north's tactics for preventing its isolation" at a time when the north-south dialogue began thanks to the broad-minded and magnanimous initiative and step taken by the DPRK for peace and stability on the Korean Peninsula. When issues are being settled one by one through dialogue, it seriously rattled the nerves of the dialogue partner, claiming that the achievements are the "fruition of its theory of principle" and "fruition of its pressure on the north".

It is fanning up the atmosphere of war and confrontation, hell-bent on the north-targeted war maneuvers and arms buildup. It, at the same time, fabricated the case of attempted rebellion and linked it with the north to intensify the fascist suppression of democratic figures who call for reconciliation, unity and reunification between the north and the south.

It is self-evident that normal dialogue and cooperation between the north and the south are impossible in such atmosphere.

The puppet group kicked off confrontation hysteria, letting loose of a string of vituperation when the DPRK showed magnanimity and good will. It is becoming so shameless as to shift the blame for the grave situation caused by its reckless acts onto the north, far from making an apology for it.

If the south Korean authorities truly want the improved inter-Korean relations and the reunion of separated families and their relatives, they should reflect on their wrongdoings and discontinue such hysteria for confrontation.

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