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Unflinching Action against Dictatorial "Regime" Declared
Pyongyang, November 12 (KCNA) -- The South Jolla Provincial Solidarity for Progress of south Korea held a press conference in Sunchon, South Jolla Province, on Nov. 7 to declare an action to check the disbandment of the Unified Progressive Party (UPP) and force the dictatorial "regime" to step down.

The speakers accused the "Saenuri Party" of proposing a "motion calling for forcibly disbanding the enemy-benefiting organizations" in the wake of the "government's" introduction of the motion for calling for judgment on the dissolution of the UPP and an application for bringing its activities to a temporary halt.

The speakers branded these actions as reckless behaviors of the "yusin" lunatics aimed to forcibly dissolve even civic organizations after labeling them "forces following the north."

They held that the present "regime" declared the "second yusin" dictatorship of killing and eliminating everyone critical and opposed to it.

They said that the illegal forces are the "regime" of Park Geun Hye who took office through the power organs' interference in the election and that it is the "Saenuri Party" which should be dismantled for being a criminal violating democracy.

They branded the Park "regime" as the "yusin dictatorial one," adding that they would not step back even an inch in the action against the dictatorial "regime" and the "Saenuri Party."

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