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Legends about Mt. Chilbo (2)
Pyongyang, November 12 (KCNA) -- When anyone visits Manmulsang (myriad-shaped peaks) standing in Outer Chilbo of Mt. Chilbo, he or she can see Chokhyol (arrow-perforated hole) rock and Puwol (axe-shaped) rock.

The rocks tell about a legend well known among the local people.

Once upon a time, there lived a man, Han Paek Ho, at the southwestern foot of the mountain.

With great strength, Han began in his childhood to learn martial arts from his father.

When he grew up into a brave man, he had to leave home to learn swordsmanship and archery from a monk called Unhak, on his father's advice.

But he could not find the monk at the temple but a boy surnamed Choe who was living alone, practicing martial arts.

They competed with each other in swordsmanship and archery. Losing the competition, Han made up his mind to learn from Choe.

Years later, Han was able to shoot an arrow into a rock and axe even a rock into pieces.

When the country was invaded by outside forces, the two youngsters went to battle field to strike the enemies with terror.

But Choe was hit by arrow in a battle to be in a pressing danger. On the verge of Choe's death, Han got to know Choe was a daughter of the monk, who had fallen in battle against invaders, and her real name was Son A.

Later, Han spent his whole life in battle fields.

Now Chokhyol rock and Puwol rock remind visitors of Han Paek Ho and Son A, who bravely fought against invaders.

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