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Rodong Sinmun Exposes Treacherous Nature, Danger of S. Korean Regime's "Theory of Adhering to Principle"
Pyongyang, November 21 (KCNA) -- "The theory of adhering to principle" touted by the south Korean puppet regime is treacherous and anti-reunification sophism fundamentally denying the reunification-oriented nature of the north-south relations and a criminal logic seeking division and confrontation between the north and the south, says Rodong Sinmun Thursday in an article.

The above-said theory totally denies the idea of "By our nation itself". This is evidenced by the essential content of the theory which calls for building a "new frame of south-north relations" of neither being led by the north nor making any concession, the article notes, and goes on:.

The gravity of the theory lies in that it aims to realize the ambition for "unification of social systems" and "unification through absorption" by making the inter-Korean relations playthings of foreign forces and the issue of international dispute and intensifying the cooperation in escalating confrontation with the DPRK. In fact, the theory of "relations between normal states consistent with international standard" touted by the south Korean puppet group while crying out for "adhering to principle" is nothing but a replica of the criminal theory of "two Koreas" and "theory of permanent division" advocated by the "yusin" dictator who met a disgraceful end while seeking "unification by prevailing over communism". He talked about "confrontation accompanied with dialogue" and "contest of social systems" under a scenario for division worked out by his U.S. master.

The south Korean ruling forces are making political and military provocations against the DPRK while eulogizing their policy for confrontation. They try to give impression that the "theory of adhering to principle" is something new. This is the last-ditch efforts to tide over their serious ruling crisis through cooperation with foreign forces.

But the anachronistic and criminal "theory of adhering to principle" touted by the puppet group deepening distrust between the north and the south, escalating confrontation between them and blocking the way of independent reunification, peace and prosperity can never be tolerated.

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