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CPRK Slams S. Korean Chief Executive's "Policy Speech"
Pyongyang, November 21 (KCNA) -- Park Geun Hye, referring to domestic economic issue in her first "policy speech" at the puppet National Assembly on Nov. 18, praised herself but kept silence about the Intelligence Services' interference in the election, issue of focus in south Korea.

A particular mention should be made of the fact that she impudently pulled up the DPRK again, raising a hue and cry over the "provocation" and "nuclear issue" and crying out for "principle" and "change".

The Secretariat of the Committee for the Peaceful Reunification of Korea (CPRK) in information bulletin No. 1052 said:

Park's "policy speech" is a charade to deflect the public attention from the catastrophic situation of south Korea, pass the buck for the deteriorated inter-Korean relations to others and tide over the crisis.

Park's "policy speech" was aimed to get rid of predicament at home and abroad but this touched off the greater anger of the public.

Despite the DPRK's repeated warnings, Park let loose a spate of provocative remarks pulling up the DPRK again, only to disclose her confrontational nature, lack of thinking power, stupidity and ignorance.

No one will believe her although she cries out for the "economic cooperation" and the like as she has firm confrontational conception.

The south Korean chief executive should think twice, seriously looking back on why there is increasing criticism of her at home and abroad.

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