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Kim Jong Un Calls for Ushering in Period of Great Prosperity in Construction
Pyongyang, December 9 (KCNA) -- Supreme leader Kim Jong Un sent a letter "Let Us Usher in the Period of Great Prosperity in Construction by Thoroughly Embodying Party's Idea on Juche-based Architecture" to participants in the great workshop for officials in the field of construction on Sunday.

Noting the Workers' Party of Korea (WPK) has attached great importance to the work in the field of construction, Kim Jong Un in his letter said it is a firm determination of the party to create a new history of construction in Songun Korea by giving a momentum to the present heyday of construction to develop it into the period of greater prosperity and further the campaign for innovation in the field of construction into the high-pitched drive for great leaps on all fronts of socialist construction and thus bring about a new era of country's prosperity.

The history of construction in our motherland is a proud one in which its people performed miracles and achieved eye-opening changes while racing against the time in the spirit of Chollima spurred on by the speed campaign, true to the outstanding idea of President Kim Il Sung and leader Kim Jong Il on architecture and under their wise leadership, he noted, adding:

Today under the leadership of the WPK a great heyday of construction was opened up in the country and Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il's plan for building a thriving nation is being translated into an eye-opening reality.

The builders including the service personnel of the People's Army are heroes in the era of Songun and treasures of the WPK as they proved in practice that the DPRK does whatever it is determined to do by devoting themselves to carrying out the party's plan of construction and demonstrated before the whole world the great wisdom and high spirit of the dynamically advancing motherland.

Clarifying that the party's idea and theory of Juche-based architecture and its policy of construction serve as guidelines for successfully carrying out the grand blueprint and goals for construction facing us, he went on:

The Juche-based socialist architecture is, in essence, popular masses-first architecture.

As the popular masses are creators of architecture and enjoyers of it, the desire, demand and convenience of people should be placed above all in construction, and ideological value, artistry and practicality should be thoroughly ensured in it to meet their emotion and sense of beauty.

We should firmly preserve the Juche character in construction by embodying the popular masses-first idea, properly combine national character with modernity and erect at a remarkably high speed monumental buildings surpassing the world standard and to be impeccable even in the distant future.

This is the fundamental principle we should adhere to in construction and the basic core of the idea on Juche-based architecture.

"Let us usher in the period of great prosperity in construction by thoroughly embodying party's idea on Juche-based architecture!" is the slogan to be upheld by officials and workers in the field of construction at present, he said, indicating the tasks to be carried out by the field of construction and ways do so. He continued:

The field of construction should put the construction work throughout the country on a world level by bringing about a revolutionary turn in design, construction and production of building materials.

The policy put forward by the party in developing design and construction and improving the work in the field of building materials is to strictly abide by the principles of convenience first and architectural beauty next, infrastructure first and superstructure next, carry out the specialization, industrialization and modernization at high level and complete projects in a brief span of time by applying finish-one-by-one tactics and employing three-dimensional methods.

It is important to remarkably develop the field of architectural design before any others.

Designers should ensure the design at the highest level as intended by the party and as desired by the people, bearing in mind that the future of a highly civilized nation is shaped by their work.

It is necessary to bring about new innovations in construction.

If construction is not properly done, however good the design is, it is impossible to create an excellent building as desired by the party and people.

A drastic turn should be effected in the production of building materials.

Building materials are to construction just as ammunition is to army.

The work for ushering in the period of great prosperity in construction calls for increasing responsibility and roles of officials and workers in the field of construction.

It is important to develop science and technology in construction onto a higher phase.

Science and technology are the driving force ceaselessly accelerating the development of construction, and a shortcut to the period of great prosperity in construction is to rapidly develop science and technology.

Big efforts should be directed to the work for training able scientists and technicians in the field of construction.

It is necessary to improve and intensify the work for supervising and controlling the construction.

Kim Jong Un underscored the need for officials and workers in the field of construction to fully demonstrate the might of the great Paektusan nation and the spirit of Songun Korea before the world by bringing about great leaps and innovations at every construction site with ardent will to translate the far-reaching construction plan of the party into a proud reality.

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