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S. Koreans Call for Curtailing Upkeep for GIs
Pyongyang, December 9 (KCNA) -- Over 40 organizations of civic and public circles, religious circle, students and others and at least 360 personages released a joint declaration on Dec. 4 in demand of cutting down the upkeep for U.S. aggressor forces in south Korea.

Under the U.S. pressure on south Korea to pay more than one trillion won for the upkeep of GIs, the regime has actually increased its expenditure for the upkeep by the way of boosting military spending, the declaration noted, adding:

The system of sharing the upkeep for GIs has a lot of problems and the first one is that the continued increment of upkeep has been accompanied by illegal accumulation of residual expense and spending for other purposes.

More serious is that south Korea can not put it under control.

The declaration urged the regime to axe the upkeep for GIs and take an institutional measure to prevent illegal spending.

Intolerable is the illegal diversion of a fabulous amount of money collected from people as taxes for the upkeep of GIs, it said, warning the Park Geun Hye regime will face strong resistance of people if it yields to the unjust demand of the U.S.

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